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Below are some of the Audio Books we have produced.  We are constantly working to produce more so check back frequently.

Sex Positions: Learn The Most Satisfying And Wild Sex Positions, And Take Your Sex Life To Another Level

By: Edwin Carlisle

Are You Tired Of The Same Boring Sex Life? It's Time To Spice It Up!! Keep On Reading And You Will Find Proven and Practical Ways to Take Your Intimacy To The Moon!! Vanilla is usually arguably the first flavor of ice cream we are introduced to. The first fondest memory of licking an ice-cream cone takes me back to my countryside days when the village ice-truck would toss me a vanilla ice cream, and I’d lick it with joy on my way back home. As I grew up, I found more flavors that fascinated me; strawberry, butterscotch, and cranberry to name a few. You gradually stop liking Vanilla as much as you used to. You moved on to more pleasing options. It’s the same with your sex life. You must stop limiting yourself to the first position you discover. You have to branch out and eventually learn new tricks so as to keep your sex life spicy. Your sexual partner may not always spell it out for you. You will need to pick up visible and subtle signs of sexual stagnation in your life. In a relationship, sex remains exciting only for the first few months. After that, it becomes monotonous and boring. If you want to break away from the shackles of sexual boredom, you have arrived at the right place. This book is designed to not only walk you through a range of new sexual positions but also help you understand the various other aspects of sex like foreplay, mood, and orgasms. This book is written with the intent to get you equipped with new and amazing sexual tricks, and take you a step further and introduce you to the often-ignored angles of human sexual life. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn... The Importance Of Foreplay Experimentation In Bed Setting The Mood For Sex Sex Positions Sexercises For Men Sexercises For Women Much, much more!

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Penis Enlargement: Get Your Penis Bigger Naturally, Learn Time Tested Techniques and Routines, Last Longer in Bed, and Achieve Supernatural Performance!

By: Edwin Carlisle

How would your life be if you had a thicker, longer and stronger Penis? What about out-of-this-world Stamina? Sure your confidence in yourself and your relationships with women would be much different! If you would want all of these things and much more, continue reading... I can see you reading the words and wondering if there’s some easy way to improve your performance. Well, I have news for you. To be able to give a girl what she most craves for, you have to put in the effort, particularly if you weren’t born with a natural ability to use what you have to advantage. You’re not alone, and what you may not realize is that even men with averagely sized penises can have a supernatural sex life, provided that they put in their homework and prepare themselves for the ride of their lives. You may wonder what kind of guy writes a book like this, but the fact is that I was brought up with brothers and also came into contact with many men during the course of my college years who fired blanks when it came to performance. They just didn’t have what it takes… or did they? I saw guys actually comparing sizes in the locker room, but when I suggested to them that their performance wasn’t all about circumference or length, they scoffed the idea. I have to be honest. While I was enjoying a very healthy sex life and giving girls exactly what it was that they wanted, these were the same guys who continued to be losers because they were not prepared to take any responsibility for their performance. If you were one of them, hey buddy, it’s now or never. You can increase the size of your penis. You can improve your trust but most of all, you can enjoy extended lovemaking without disappointing either yourself or the lady you are lucky enough to be sharing your bed with. My lady would happily give you a testimony because she knows I learned a very long time ago what makes a difference. Suffer from anxiety in bed? Have no fear.

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